Collavate™ brings together “Collaboration” and “Innovation” by allowing your team to create living documents together. Our platform allows our users to utilize a familiar post and comment method of creating and collaborating on documents, then a powerful workflow tool to submit documents for approval. Collavate increases productivity by redefining the way your teams create together. Giving remote teams a place to discuss and edit documents simultaneously allows for streamlined communication. Integration with Google Drive allows organizations to take advantage of our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features to ensure data security and prevent misuse of sensitive data.

Collavate uses GSuite and Drive integration to empower you to exercise full control over your data. With managed permissions and DLP transmission rules, you can rest easy knowing your data is protected from end to end. Our Publishing and Version History features allow you to keep a privately or publicly published version of a document while creating iterations of that document behind the scenes. This way everyone in the office is always working with consistent information. Manufacturing customers can benefit from this most; keeping processes published until a change is approved ensuring the safety and security of all workers and products.

Our application is unique because it allows your team to collaborate on an Enterprise Social Platform. Post documents to start a conversation through our comment feature. Create groups in Collavate, allowing specific users to privately work on their department's tasks. Use recurring processes to schedule your quarterly review paperwork, yearly audit reviews, and much more. All of your workflow processes and comment strings will show up in your Home feed, and you'll be notified when things are posted to your groups, or followed posts. Document tagging enhances control by allowing you to create custom tags for documents and search through your personal or global google drive for those specific tags. 


While our product does a ton to control your data, Collavate servers never store your data. All version history and tagging is stored as metadata within Google Drive, allowing you to retain proper data security. Collavate transfers ownership of the document to our Document Manager for administrative control. All of the documents are still stored in your organization's Drive storage, but controlled by our manager for approval and centralized version histories. Administrators have access to full version history and revision activities, and standard users are able to see version changes over time through our Version History panel.

Along with our Drive DLP, our document management system keeps all of your cloud based assets under control and secure. To enhance this security, administrators are able to create 'secure workspace folders' within all employee's google drive folders. Creating this folder keeps track of all submitted, attached, or documents edited through Collavate. Folders like this can also be used for QMS documents, allowing the document manager to track changes over time, schedule upcoming processes, and remind users of regular reviews at user-set intervals. Each organization or domain can have the control they need over all of their files.


Collavate is a document control software designed to increase business productivity and communication of your QMS. Collavate is fully integrated with Google Drive, allowing organizations to streamline QMS approval workflows with document management. It’s also compatible with Microsoft Office, so you don’t have to worry about switching software if you don’t want to. A robust document control software ensures that high quality methods of production are adopted, and constantly improved upon. According to ISO 9001:2015 standards, only people authorized by the company can make changes to the documents that direct product design and manufacture.  As a result, all ISO compliant corporations need a system in place to control document changes. 


A system to control document changes can be anything - even manually changing the original to a newer version and updating the version or name of the document is acceptable. Collavate was designed with the intent to greatly surpass ‘acceptable’ as a standard, establishing a superior quality system for those companies who want to know they are continually striving to achieve the highest possible quality output. 

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Collavate operates with an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System.

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