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Maximize Your Time Management

With the advent of the PC for business and personal use, many people predicted that we would become a paperless society. Well, that’s true to some extent: The paper is still here, but its main location moved from everyone’s desk to everyone’s computer desktop.

And, with so many employees having copies of so many of the same documents, there’s bound be some confusion as to which version of a document has been amended, which is the final one and which has been signed off on. That alone will slow down everyone productivity.

Let Collavate’s document-approval system come to the rescue. It's a front-line system that modernizes workflow from start to finish. Just ask the thousands of organizations and 2,000,000 users who use Collavate to help them manage their document-approval procedures. They will not only herald Collavate as an excellent system to keep the docs organized but also say it saves Collavate is a huge timesaver. Good time management enables you to work smarter, not harder, so that you get more done in less time, even when time is tight and pressures are high.

With that in mind, here are some ways to make you and your staff even more productive.

  1. Find out where your time goes. You may think you spend only a half hour answering emails, but if you clock it, those missives might actually be eating up an hour or more.

  2. Set a time limit to each task, which will prevent you from procrastinating or getting distracted.

  3. Create and focus on to-do lists for each goal and project.

  4. Plan ahead. Before you leave work for the day, spend the final 15 minutes organizing your desk and papers, and write a list of tomorrow's most important tasks.

If you and your employees want to work more efficiently and effectively, Collavate is on your side. Call 408-337-2380 to reach our two offices in the U.S. (San Jose and Pittsburgh) or (02) 2052-0453 for our office in Seoul. You can also simply email We speak English, Korean and Japanese.

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